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An Tuirne / The Spinning Wheel

Domhnall Ó Dálaigh, of Camdhoire (Camderry), Co. Galway.
Tomás Ó Máille, Co. Galway, 1947
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Anecdote about a bargain struck between a poor husband and wife. Told by Domhnall Ó Dálaigh, of Camderry, Co. Galway, in 1947.


Bhí caibléir ins an áit seo fadó ó shin. Agus ní raibh ann an raibh talún aige ach garraí. Ní raibh aon duine sa teach ach é féin is a sheanbhean.

Chuir siad líon ins an ngarraí. Agus nuair a bhí an líon in am a bhaint, bhain siad é agus rinne siad a hinnimh. Ach ní raibh aon tuirne acu, a dhéanfadh é a shníomh. D'iarr bean an tí ar fhear an tí a dhul agus tuirne a fháil. Agus, dúirt fear an tí, 'Téigh tú féin a dhul agus tuirne a fháil.'

Rinne siad margadh lena chéile, bean an tí a dhul agus tuirne a fháil ach an chéad duine acu a labhródh lena chéile nó le aon duine eile go gcaithfeadh an chéad duine dul abhaile leis an tuirne...

Translation: The Spinning Wheel

There was a cobbler in this place a long time ago. And he had no land only a garden. There was no-one in the house except himself and his old woman [wife].

They planted flax in the garden. And when the flax was ready to be harvested, they cut it and wove it [into linen]. But they had no spinning wheel to spin it. The woman of the house asked the man of the house to go and get a spinning wheel. And the man of the house said, 'You go yourself and get a spinning wheel.'

They made a bargain with each other, the woman of the house would go and get a spinning wheel but the first of them that would speak to the other or to anyone else, that first person would have to go home with the spinning wheel...

Woman spinning, An Cheathrú Rua, Co. Galway, 1940s.

Woman spinning, An Cheathrú Rua, Co. Galway, 1940s.